Total Wellbeing Coaching (Deepak Chopra certified)

with Liana Falconer

Change your life in the most profound way with the Internationally recognised Total Wellbeing Coaching Deepak Chopra Ayurvedic lifestyle Anandabhavan.

As a certified Ayurvedic total wellbeing and lifestyle coach, author , meditation instructor and yoga alliance registered yoga instructor .

I help people to be completely proactive about their physical and mental and spiritual health.

As your life coach I will help you to find meaning in your life , a true sense of purpose.

During each session you will become empowered to be the very best version of yourself .

Nutrition, Sleep, Meditation , Self care , Movement ,Emotions .Breath-work.

Specialising in Digestive issues, Menopause , Inflammation.

Providing you with the tools to live your life with a deeper sense of joy and happiness.

“You must find a place inside of you where nothing is impossible “
Deepak Chopra