Kaivalya Kriya Yoga (KKY)

Kaivalya Kriya Yoga (KKY) is a transformational system of yoga.

It is a sacred science of self-realization. Founded by Yogi Kaivalyananda. 

Understanding Kaivalya Kriya Yoga​

Kaivalya is the ultimate goal of yoga. It is a detached blissful experience of all-oneness and freedom, in which the entanglement with life’s dramas fades away.

KKY aligns, harmonizes and purifies on all levels – physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It is an energizing, cleansing, health-enhancing and relaxing practice which brings multidimensional healing and self-acceptance. It also encourages the awakening of kundalini. Ultimately, it gives you the opportunity to become more aware of your spiritual nature and brings you home to your true Self.

The practice involves the breath, meditation, pranayama, kumbhaka (breath retention), tapping, dynamic movement, pressure points, asanas, bandhas (locks), chakras, meridians, mudras, mantras, yoga nidra and rebirthing breathwork.

This yoga can be easily practised by anyone regardless of previous experience, age, physical condition, flexibility or strength.